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Azadî û Wekhevî

Mafên Mirovan ji Kurdan re, û Aştî ji Kurdistanê re... Human Rights to the Kurds, and Peace to Kurdistan..

media of turkey: under control of fascist government and military...

ok lets talk about turkish media. well, actually there is almost nothing to talk about, because we all know that it is one-sided, and all unders control of fascist tc. and there is one person who almost all media in turkey, aydin dogan! he owns, milliyet, hurriyet( i think i hate this newspaper the most because "ataturk's face with a turkish flag" is its symbol under that reads: "turkey belongs to the turks" and this is its slogan"), posta, fanatik, referans, gozcu and, alas, radikal! radikal is(i think i should say "was") the best newspaper among those! but recently some other columnist have come to the newspaper such as hasan celal guzel, "fascist" would be the best word to describe him shortly! and there are some other guys in the newspaper that lowers its level such as; gunduz aktan, m. ali kislali, even haluk sahin and etc. but it is worth to read radikal even if it is only for the articles of murat belge, ahmet insel, orhan miroglu, altan oymen, and yildirim turker. they are sensitive about thsi kurdish issue and they look at it from an objective ground, as much as i have read and understood from their writings!

and i wanted to show how most of the columnists, journalists in turkey are military-and narrow-minded, in this prospect. when you think of a journalist, you would think that he or she would be questioning everything and write his or her stuff as objective as possible! unfortunately this is not the case in turkey! in turkey i tell you how it works: the military hands out a statement to dogan yayın holding(dyh) and they publish it as if they have researched for it, and digged out to find it out in all newspapers they have. keep in mind that they own almost all the newspapers that most of turkey reads! and here is the outcome; a society that does not respect any kind of human rights when the issue is kurds or kurdistan!!! because they have been told by tv channels(he has many tv channels as well), by newspapers, by magazines, by everything that kurds are the ENEMIES OF TURKS&TURKEY! and naturally the outcome is the way that tc expects. kurd-phobic society!

"ANYTHING KURDISH IS BAD" this is carbed in their minds!

this new guy who transfered to radikal awhile ago, hasan celal guzel is writing great articles to manipulate turkish society(turks). the other day he wrote an article claiming that kurdish population in turkey is between 5 and 8 million(he includes the zazas as well but he says that zazas are not kurds) and he says at most it is 8, ot i think it is about 5 million. and yesterday he wrote another fucked-up article, this one was about how turkey is ignoring the cross-border operation that military should have done awhile ago to northern iraq(south kurdistan). i just dont get it!

how come a columnist, well not just one, most of the turkish columnist want turkey to enter south kurdistan, want a WAR? a fucking war!!!! is it that simple! is it that joyful, tasteful, delighful, enjoyable and easy to go and kill the people, the KURDS? well i think it is!! otherwise why would they want a war in south kurdistan that much, right? so i translated his last article into english! yes i took the time and translated it into english from turkish!!

enjoy it:

westerners and especially americans, have grabbed turkish foreing policy very well.turks's current situation reminds, italians', once, noisy and talkative picture.the ones's, who govern by people's reactions, reactions seem in concordance from this point.when turkish politicas scream, the collocutors are watching, by laughing behind(secretly).if their screams, cries have raised too much, then a call from president(bush), and his secretary of state(condi) is enough to calm them down. you look and see one newspaper has declared pm(recep) " a man like un".and our people are very pleasent by this. people are very happy about bringing americans, europeans, andtalabanis, barzanis to their knees with one statemnt, while doing it without using military force. when it comes to martyrs' funerals,ates dustugu yeri yakar nasilsa(this is an idiom, basically means: nobody understands how it is to be hurt other than the one who is hurt)...


it is impossible for turkey to protect its national security and be an effective(deterring) power in the middle east with this "cheap"(useless) foreign policy.lafla peynir gemisi yurumez(another idiom, it is hard to translate them, this basically means: without action words mean nothing). without turkey showing its real power out, there is no way that she will get a resultfrom those statements and phone diplomacy. while ME is in this new, historical, transformation period; turkey's dealing, diverting with "empty"(ineffective) diplomacy is a misfortune(bad luck) for the turkish people, who have been the only owner of this region. while turkey was talking about "cross-border military operation" two weeks ago; today pm is talking about a nato force presence in northern iraq. if koskoca(this means enormous, but in context it means "mighty")turkey, is expecting nato to provide her security against PKK, then why are they feeding an army of 800 thousand? if pm, by this thinks that nato member turkey, will be able to send troops to northern iraq, he should not wait for it. even the leadership of turkey, that has agreed to send troops under some conditions, for a un force in lebonan was not accepted(he is trying to say that westerners dont trust turkey) and they want turkey to share leadership with england and italy.


turkey should stop being diverted and put on a sleep, and should realize the cross-border operation.israel's attack on lebonan has created a suitable environment for turkey. turkey has right to do this in every single way. because;
1. PKK's attacks are continueing with its all violence.as we have said it before turkey has right to do this(cross-border operation) by law.(i dont know by which law though, i wish he said the law as well but anyway lets continue)
2. usa is beating araound the bush(diverting turkey)and does not want to solve the PKK issue from the roots. because, on one hand she does not want to offend peshmergas, which she has declared as strategic ally; and on the other hand they want to use the PKKas a tool in iran issue against turkey.
3. the peshmerga leaders in northern iraq, and barzani, talabani, who have become political powers by the help of usa, let alone wanting to make the PKK ineffective(harmless), they, on the contrary support the PKK and use it agains turkey.it does not worth anything that they close down the PKK's representatives symbolically.


under this circumstance, turkey, after dealing with its diplomatic relationsfor few days, should realize it s cross-border operation and root out the PKK's camps. otherwise, this quietness will be seen as a weakness, frailty and turkey will not be able protect its national security.

here is the link to the original article : http://www.radikal.com.tr/haber.phphaberno=195198

so, what do you think? i am right,arent i? he is dying to see kurdish blood splitting over!! he is dying to drink kurdish blood! he is blinded by the desire of a "KURDISH GENOCIDE" as they have one armenian genocide not good enough!

i dont know what to say, i am dumbfound by people like this dickhead, fucking fascist son of a bitch!!

and i only, again, want to call upon all people, not only kurds, to see this and to react against this cruel and inhumane treatments that kurds were and are forced to face!!!

it is the time that all human beings, but to the most part kurds should rise up and get what belongs to them!!! and start to live lika HUMAN BEINGS, not like animals, even worse than animals!

biji kurd û kurdistan!
û her biji mirovatî!!
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KURDISH: an endangered language
i was planning on writing the role of islam(religion generally) on kurds and kurdistan. but i think there is something more urgent to be talked about than that, that is: "the plight of kurdish"

yes what is the situation the kurdish in right now? and especially the bakuri kurds plight? because the başuri kurds are in a very good shape in comparison to bakuri kurds in terms of preservation of the kurdish language and passing it to younger generations, even though they have many arabic words(in fact too much)! why are the bakuris forgetting kurdish, exploiting it, and not teaching to their sons, daughters and newer generations?

this is a big question and a heavy one as well! and it is not an easy question to answer, because it has some answers and at the same has none!

we all know that it was kurds' natural homeland that kept kurds from being assimilated totally in the past! abdullah ocalan has a very good analyses about this in his book called "bir halkı savunmak"(defending a people), even though i should condemn(i know this word is very strong but the danger that is on the kurdish language is as serious as this word or maybe even more serious) him for writing this book in turkish, because he is the leader of the kurds, i understand him, i mean i sympathize with him! i think it was something like that " the mountains, where the kurds live, have protected kurds from melting(being assimilated), but it also has prevented them from developing, because of the invasions, and pillages that have been going on in this sensitive area; kurdistan" i am talking about the assimilation part of this quote; it has protected our language, and culture from disappearing! it, indeed, has done that, the great mountains of kurdistan!

until the end of 1980s the kurdish language was still preserved, because the kurds were still in their villages, and mountains back then. and they had their own little worlds, most of them would not know one single word turkish and the women, in specific, did not know one single word turkish! even though there are some bad sides to this, such as they were not connected to the outer world in any way or this kind of things, it was still good because the kurdish language was still living and it was being passed to the younger generations by our holy mothers! but at the beginning of 1990s, and since then going on, we have been losing the kurdish language, "THE LANGUAGE OF THE KURDS, THE LANGUAGE THAT MAKES KURDS; KURDS, AND THE LANGUAGE THAT WITHOUT IT THERE WOULD BE NO KURDS". and it is mainly because around four or some say five thousand kurdish villages were forcibly evacuated, i should use "they were destroyed by the turkish army" instead. and more than three million people(kurds) were displaced! and of course it had its consequences! they all went to cities, where they were not wanted and most of the time they were ostracized, not employed, and left to death by those nice turks in the outskirts of the metropolitan cities such as stenbol(istanbul), izmir, edene(adana), and enqere(ankara).

so the turks got a great opportunity to do what they have been trying but were not able to succeed for years; assimilation!

all the kurds started to go to school, where they would only speak turkish, and if, in any way someone were to speak kurdish s/he would punished for speaking kurdish and this way it would have a deterring effect on the other children(students) as well! kurdish students were despised and made fun of because of their accent so the families of those kurdish students thought that if they spoke only turkish at home it would help their children and they would be able to speak turkish better, and nobody would be able to fun of them. of course this was not the case for everybody, some would say kurdish is useless, it indeed was in the eyes of tc, and therefore would only teach turkish to their children, because you would get the benefits of government on the level of your turkishness, so if you did not know kurdish that was a plus in your turkishness!

they only watched the turkish tv channels! and especially the mothers were very badly affected by this, because they wree the ones who would stay at home and when they did not have anything to do they would watch the tv and improve their turkish, but after a while they started to use turkish words while speaking kurdish, keep in mind that their children were not taught kurdish, so even if some of those children wanted to learn kurdish they would learn it wrong because their parents would not speak appropriate kurdish! i still cant believe that some kurds would say "qapi qepamiş bike" for "close the door" in kurdish: i have a very hard time understanding this, qepi originally is kapı(it is pronounced liek qepi in kurdish) "qepamiş" means nothing, it is supposed to mean "close", they combine turkish root of "to close" and add a kurdish suffix to it and make it kurdish. when i see people using those words, and killing kurdish it really hurts me very badly!

i think i will tell you a joke about this as well. there is that kurdish guy who is a political asylum seeker in sweden. he gets sick and they call a doctor to come and see what his problem is, but there is another problem this guy does not know swedish so they bring a kurdish-swedish interpreter when the doctor arrives. and the asylum seeker starts to tell his problem: "îçê qulaxê min ağrimiş dikê" and the interpretes does not understand a word of it except "dikê" which is a suffix and means "make, do" when added to the endof a word.so he asks the patient "what did you say? sorry i did not understand you". the patient gets angry and yells "îçê qulaxê min ağrimiş dikê" as if the interpreter does not know kurdish! but he is unaware of the fact that none of the words he uses is kurdish! they are all turkish but just mixed with kurdish suffixes! and in kurdish he should say "nava guhê min di êşê" and in turkish that would be " kulağimin içi ağriyor" which means "inside of my ears hurt".

so do you see the seriousness of losing kurdish? and that refugee, the patient, is a political asylum seeker probably involved in kurdish activities that is why he fled to sweden!

and now they have many campaigns for girls, and it is especially in the kurdistan region of turkey!(can it be because they want to assimilate kurdish girls? because they are the ones that teach kurdish to the younger generations and pass it over!! i am afraid thats the reason). because in the black see region there are many people who dont send their daughters to school, for religious reasons, and nobody is saying anything against it because they are already turks so they dont need to organize campaigns such as "come on girls, let's go to school". but they do need to organize these kind of campaigns in kurdistan because they are not turkified yet! and they are trying their best!!

"In Van, where the nationwide campaign was launched in 2003, poverty and cultural traditions have historically kept girls at home. Up to half of all girls in this eastern province are estimated to be out of school. Yet through the efforts of the campaign, 20,000 girls have enrolled for the first time." this is only in wan(van) city

"But thanks to a major education drive(the campaign), approximately 120,000 girls have enrolled in the last two years."(www.ungei.org/gapproject/turkey_422.html)in the all region, and this number is increasing day by day!

if it was really for the girls's education! there would be nothing to say against, but when you know this is done on purpose to assimilate you and turkify you! it is not possible not to say something against it, if you have one little piece of kurdishness or humanity in you!

and the most dramatic thing about this is that they have succeeded it in a very big part of it! and if they continue like that no wonder they will be able to turkify all the kurds in the next ten or twenty years period! and i am as death serious!

i really feel apathy and sorrow at the moment! we are fighting for this cause we are dying for this cause, the KURDISH CAUSE but we dont do anything for the most important component of this cause, KURDISH LANGUAGE!

it was three weeks ago! my uncle, my cousin, my borther and i went to our village. it was rebuilt but there is nobody from my family in it. but we have relatives in the village, and i really dont like the people in the village because they are closer to the tc than they are to the partî. anyways we went to the river bank in fact but we thought we should give a visit to the village as well and see how everybody was doing! we did so and went to the village!

i wish we did not go though because i was disappointed there! because of the KURDISH of course! we were sitting outside with my aunt (my father's aunt from his mother's side) and there were some girls doing something! and i suddenly realized that they were speaking turkish! so i could not hold it anymore and i asked my aunt " wow! so you speak turkish in the heartland of the kurdistan as well, and in the village too?" and the answer was ruining, very destructive indeed! "thats nothing, wallah when two girls get together they never speak one single word of kurdish! it is only turkish they speak. they speak turkish even with their families at home!"

so i think, it would be very reasonable for me to infer that; tc has suceeded in assimilating the kurdish women into turkish!!! that was what they wanted from the beginning of this fascist country to this day! and i am afraid they reached their aim finally!!!nobody speaks kurdish in their home any more! yes, even in the kurdistan! especially the children, and among the children the girls, play a more important role and they, too speak turkish instead of kurdish, most of them do not even know the kurdish numbers, let alone the other things about kurdish language such as grammar and vocabulary knowledge and etc!

i admit that i am a pessimistic personality! but i am realist as well! and this is the real situation, plight that the kurdish people, and the very important reason of their very existence KURDISH is in!

and i also want to grab your attention to the new TZPKurdî(tevgera ziman û perwerdahiya kurdî-www.tzpkurdi.com) meaning "kurdish language and education movement"! they are aware of this terrible situation and they are working beyond their capabilities to acknowledge the kurds about this vital situation and, hopefully, make them more sensitive about this issue and teach them kurdish!! so far they have founded 8 organizations in the important cities of kurdistan and also stenbol(istanbul) that teach kurdish! and they are working on improving and spreading it to all cities that kurds live in!

unfortunately they need help! and the help they need is not provided to them by the political and cultural organizations of the kurds!! i think they should think about this twice! and should see the fragility of the situation and support this movement to their best ability! even pkk has declared that from now on the official language of the partî will be kurdish, because they understood how important the kurdish language is for the kurdish people! so "i call upon all kurdish political, cultural, and any other organizations to support this important and even holy movement of KURDISH LANGUAGE!" because if we dont do something now, it will be TOO LATE tomorrow !

biji kurd û kurdistan
û her biji zimanê KURDÎ

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an interesting(dangerous) trip to KURDISTAN!
well that has been a long time that i was trying to write this post, but i kept delaying, and now i want to write it so that everyone will understand the kurds and their situation better, hopefully!

i stayed in the usa for one year as an exchange student some time ago, and my host family that i stayed with wanted to come over to turkey and then see my hometown; they called it southeastern turkey, like the turks like to call it, and i would insist that it was kurdistan(northern kurdistan). so they came to stenbol(istanbul) first and i took them to several good places in stenbol such as sultanahmet, aya-sofya(agia-sophia) museum, grand bazaar, spice bazaar, taksim(square) and etc. shortly they stayed in stenbol for four days, and now the time had come for going to kurdistan, with my saying.

we arrived in amed(capital of kurdistan), they only got to see the walls, second biggest walls in the world after great wall of china. and we headed towards sêrt(siirt) where my family has been staying since they have come to the city from ginyanis, a village of botan. that night we arrived late and they were tired so they just went to sleep. the other day we took a walk of sêrt, çakmak neighborhood in particular because; that place is the most patriotic place in sêrt, almost all of the people living there are real-kurd! not korucu or bêşeref if you know what i am saying. and we stayed for awhile in my uncle's house as well. yes his home is in çakmak too, i am proud of my family they are all patriotic!

and next day we went to eskîf(turks call it hasankeyf) it is in district of êlih(batman). it is one of the very old, and historic places in kurdistan, and in the whole world! unfortunately they(tc;turkish republic) are planning to build a dam; ilisu dam-project. and the only reason to why, they are destroying such a great place that should be in world cultural heritage monumants, and is unique; is of course because this place is KURDISH, so it is kurdish history and as you all know tc would destroy every single thing that has any kind of relation with kurds or kurdish! and very unfortunatley eskif is kurdish too. here is what my host mom has written about that dam shit:

The whole thing about the dam blows my mind, that the EU would not make the cancellation of the dam a condition of EU membership. It seems that though the people and the NGOs convinced the contractor to pull out the first time, there is another company, Siemens of Germany, that is interested in building the dam. It is not just a question of taking away peoples' homes without adequate resettlement policies and infrastructures in place, flooding a historic treasure, but also that it has been demonstrated that there is a far more efficient and less costly way of increasing electrical power simply by upgrading the transmission system. Then there is the fact that the projections for how long the water supply would be able to produce power would only be about 70 years, which does not at all justify the cost. There is of course the question of relations with Syria and Iraq and cutting off there access to the waters from the Tigris and Euphrates. Yet, only one report that I read said it all quite frankly, that with all the evidence against the construction of the dam, it was obvious that the Turkish government's obsession with moving ahead on this project was linked to their attitude and position on Kurds and Kurdistan. Sick! At any rate, I have started a letter to the contractor as part of a campaign to stop the project again.

and actually that dam will not last for 70 years, some scientists say at longest it would be 50 years!
anyway i am coming to the real issue, the issue that made me write this post!

it was about midnight, and we were going to my home with my host family(mother and her daughter) from internet cafe that night. we were very close to my house, suddenly the police came and stopped us and asked for our ids. i gave mine and they gave their ids too, but it was mother's driving license and daughter's student id, so they asked for passports. i told them the story that; they were my host family in the usa while i was an exchamge student in their house and etc... they said no they should see the passports. then i told them that; my house is very close to here so lets just go to my house and we will show everything to you there. there were several cars(transits) full of policemen.(secret police of course, even though i know most of them very well, i could not figure out that they were gizli polis when we passed them) my cousin and my younger brother were with us too. they said no you cant go to home. when i said ok then let my brother and my host sister go to home and get the passports while we are here with you. they again said no. they only let my brother go. i dont know what to think about this thing, because they did not let my host sister go with my brother even though my host mom was going to stay with us !!!!

when i asked why you are keeping us like that and that they give a very bad impression of turkey to those americans, and all that stuff that i thought may free us, which did not work; their answer was " nowadays the thieves number has increased daramatically so we have to control everybody" and also " we want to make sure that those ladies are not ...(protitutes) " .... unfortunately this was just bullshit, because while we were held in the middle of street surrounded by tens policemen, many people, gang menbers and thieves passed by and they said nothing. i know those gang mambers by heart.and the police said noıthing to them because the thieves and the police are friends, indeed very close friends and they work together the thieves steal and the police take its piece, that is how it works here in kurdistan.

i want to say one more thing about that while i have mentioned this: it was two years ago, the governor of sêrt, who was appointed by central government from ankara, he held a meeting with all thieves, gang members and all those fucking assholes, bad guys. he held that meeting because at that time many people were joining pkk again, and the stealing cases had increased so much that the thieves would go and cut people's hands, and behead them for the bracelets, and necklaces that women wore. and do you know what the governor told those guys? it is incredible, you wont believe your ears but thats is what he has told them: " do whatever you want to and no one will even touch(stop) you, i give you guarantee, as long as you dont go to mountains and join the PKK" do you see the irony? they encourage thieves and allt hose fucked-up people to go and behead innocent people fr money but no, they dont let anyone to go and fight for his/her honor!

anyway, while we were held there some people from the apartments around started to scream at us, and curse us saying that: " you have no right to disturb us and wake us up. you sons of bithces ...." when i told the police to tell them that it is the police that are keeping us here and the ones who make the noise, the police said: " no i will tell them later" so that fucking asshole which i know by heart was the police's friend, and he was arab too that was why the police did not say shit to him even though they were the ones who were doing all shit.

anyways my brother finally came and brought the passports and after being kept there for an hour or so we were released.

but it was a great opportunity because this way they , my host family, now understands me and the kurds better. and here is what my host mom has written to me about this incident as well:

"I was telling him(a guy in stenbol) how our little affair with the police gave me a better understanding of the way the Kurdish people are treated and the attitudes of the Turks, but at the same time I was telling him how this is somehow one of the greater flaws of humankind."

and also they were very afraid about me while we were held there, because they said:

"we were very afraid that you would say something about kurdistan and it would all turn into something even worse. we were scared to death when you discussed with that police and you raised your voice when he finally shut you up and (pushed you)."

so yes that is what has happened to us! and i hope they will tell this to everyone they know and this way more people will understand the kurds, and hopefully sympathize with them and maybe will support them in their holy fight against those fascist states that have been surrounding kurdistan and massacring us,kurds for decades!

her biji kurd û kurdistan!
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i again read some news from internet, and try to read everything about the Kurds' and their current plight. i know that i am not a very optimistic person, in fact i am a very pessimistic person. but when i think of the things that are happening around me, and around the world i cant see anything that would make the world and in specific the situation of the Kurds seem in my eyes better than they do now. even though there still are some hopes and there are some things happening that we can, probably, call "these are good things happening", i still think that we are in a very bad situation, and we should just wake up!

and lets see what happened:şemzînan(şemdinli) trial is (for now) for two of the three accused over. they are sentenced to 39.5 years each, and they are taking the decision to the courts of appeal. we will see whats going to come out of it. even though the sentences seem, quite, reasonable and just in feact they are not. whay are they not? because right after they sentenced those two BOYS of "deep state", or "gladio" they detained sefer yilmaz, too, the owner of the bookstore that wasbombedd. i still cant believe that. he is victim and he is accusing those three bastards for what they did and what they were trying to do, whichresultedd in one innocent person's death, but all of a sudden turkish government captured him and put him in prison too. i think they are taking revenge of those two who are imprisoned now. i am just muted. i cant stand those unjustified acts of this fucked up country.

the soldiers, yes turkish armed forces soldiers, set the mountain cudî on fire. why? because they say the trees, forest is a hide-place for pkk guerillas, so they all should be burtn down in order to HUNT them down. of course there is no one single forest left in the northern kurdistan. there were just some trees, but not forest and now they are being burnt down too. but unfortunatley this fire has spread up to the villages around the cudi. and now the villagers have left their villages because their cultivated lands are burning too. as if more 4000 villages that they have wrecked, destroyed is not enough, they are destroying the only ones that are left in kurdistan. i think what they want is that; they will not let one single kurd live in the region, this way there wont be any kurd and there wont be a kurdish problem. they want to wipe out wholeKurdss and they are doing it. lets if there is any other place that is not, yet, destroyed, and if you see or know one place that is not wiped out please just let trukish armed forces know it, and they will take care of it.

dtp(democratic society party) will make its first congress!!! good luck to them, and i hope that they will get a good result from this congress in terms of support and unity from all delegates and all that stuff.and i also hope that they get prepared for the upcoming elections, because it seems like there will be an early elections. actually no matter what, they should start it now!

the other day some more soldiers and guerillas died. there are some heavy military operations towards guerillas supported with aircraft and all that shit. and soon buyukanit, the father of the şemzînan(şemdinli) event's accuseds, BOYS, will become the chief of turkish general staff! be ready kurdish people, we will have a very tough and rough time in northern kurdistan because of him. he is so fucking fascist! i wish he died now and someone else become the chief of the general stuff instead of him, because i am sure all of the other prospectives are better than sob!

well there are many other news around, and very important ones, but i think those news that i mentioned above are good anough to see the Kurds' current and future situation. and as much as i see it, it looks very negative unless we wake up from our xwewa ji dil, and stand on our feet and start to fight no matter what it will cost, i dont think that we will be fortunate enough to see the good future of the Kurds, of ourselves.

i think this term was used in KAYO, but it is a very clear and good phrase that describes the Kurds, "we are an endangered people". so unless we get under protection, and only thKurdsds are able to do that which they seem very reluctant for it, we will very soon be gone, we wont exist on this earth anymore, at least not in the name of "kurdish". so i again call on you my dear fellow friends, the kurdish people, to wake up from this deep sleep and get on our feet!

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you reap what you sow
ps: this was written for my school's newspaper. but i could not publish it, even though it is one of the softest artciles i have written about this issue!! see this fucking country!


I don’t even know how to start writing this article, because I was planning on writing an article about our school’s overseas performance this year, but something happened when I was about to interview the applicants who got rejected. It was a conversation between me and another student while eating lunch in the dining hall.

It was very disturbing that I still feel irritated. At the beginning I did not know that it would turn into such a path, or I would have avoided it in the first place. But, unfortunately I was in the discussion and had to carry it on until class bell rung. I don’t even remember how it all started since I am still shocked about what that person said.

It was about racism, and how so-called “nationalism” in Turkey, was close to racism. My idea, or the stuff I was defending, was that different languages, cultures, traditions were necessary for an enriched society, and he was saying that: “for stability there must be cultural unity” afterwards to make it clearer would went further and said, “there must be only one language and one culture in this country”. At the beginning it was all calm and in a civilized manner of discussion, even though the discussion manner did not change later on the ideas he had, and did not feel anything wrong about declaring them explicitly would soon made me feel like I was in a torture and I was being tortured by him. Every word that got out of his mouth became a big, sharp spear and hit me in the heart. It was torturous and unbearable to listen to him saying those cruel and wild things.

After we talked how military has big role, in fact a huge impact on Turkey’s policies and everything related. “We need a strong army in order to be able to defend our country against our enemies” said, he. But not even thinking about how much damage the military coups (1960, 1970, 1980, and even 1997) have done to Turkey and the people of Turkey; by taking the democracy from the people, by worsening the bad image of Turkey abroad, by executing many and imprisoning hundreds of thousands of people, by destroying economy, by respecting no human rights or anything even close to this. Not mentioning these things he counter-attacked claiming that those military coup d’états were for the good of the country. And I don’t understand in what ways. Maybe those overthrows of the legal governments my militaristic dictators integrated Turkey with Western World, civilized it, made great progresses on human rights related issues that have been a major problem in this country since from the founding of the country, I really don’t know in what ways they have benefited Turkey other than strengthening military’s role even in daily life, but that was what he said to disprove my claim that they have harmed this country the most.

While listening to him, I was preparing some questions to ask him, this way I would see his approach to democracy and human rights clearly. Then I asked, “What do you think of Hitler’s atrocities against humanity, but the Jews in particular?”, “well, that is a totally different topic.” he replied. I made my statement clearer by “well but he was trying to get rid of the Jews, and the ones who he thought were inferior to Great Aryan Race (blonde, tall, and blue-eyed ones, though he was not like that himself), including Gypsies, Homosexuals and even the Polish. His aim was to create a great empire that would “last a thousand years” as he said to is followers. Do you see that he tried to create a cultural unity, too, by destroying and killing anything, or anybody that was different from the form he wanted it to be? So, is that not almost the same thing with what you have just said about “cultural unity”?” he did not have a concrete answer for this, and I asked another question, “what if the people, with all minorities including the Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, and many others say that we don’t want to be Turkified? What if they say, ok we are citizens of the Republic of Turkey but we are what we are with our identity, it could be the Kurds or any other minority, what are you going to do in that case?” He thought for some time, but did not answer.

I had had one more question to ask and to understand how he saw the world and how his mentality and perception of the world was, and that question was the hardest question for me to ask, but it was, as much as I understood from the way he answered it, easy for him. “So would you do what Hitler did? Would you force people to be all the same, to make them accept Turkishness?” and afterwards came the horrible, terrible answer, I did not expect I would receive, “Well is there is no any other way…hmm…they should either leave country or become one of us, b becoming a Turk” I could not believe what I was hearing. But that is the fact currently I Turkey that our young minds are entangled with. Such a big pity, that a student, that has been chosen to study in this wonderful school that gives them all opportunities, and he does not even know, understands the importance of respecting other people and their cultures.

Now I see the big destruction of those coups that blocked the road of Turkey to become a modern democracy and as I saw the results. A society, which cannot bear any differences to flourish or just squeeze anybody, anything that is different, I don’t think, is destined to live long. As it is the biggest fear of the so-called protectors “military” of this country. But if they continue to plant those harmful ideas, views in the young, innocent minds of our youth, our future, then the future of this country will be black, and the life-time will be short.

Well, I wish, I could do something to prevent this kind of things from happening, since I know it will cost lots of lives and lots of other things if that guy and the ones like him continue to grow up and get the important position in the society without changing their minds bout human rights, democracy, and humanity itself. The people who share the same ideas with him should not forget this country was founded by the help of the minory(ies) that he want to destroy now. Instead of being grateful, protecting them, giving more rights to them, you try to destroy them there will always be problems such as; PKK.

The only solution to solve problems in a country like Turkey is Democracy; nothing other than Democracy will be able to solve our problems as a country but just worsening it, as it has done for last 83 years. So let’s hope that there won’t be any other heroic “military coup”, as he described it, in future and also that the democratic progression will go on, and soon we will be done with our interior problems and just focus on democratic and economic progression.
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azadîya gelê KURD!
li çapemeniyê de ev bun çend roj, tim û tim nûçeyên şerê pîs tên. şêrê li ser serê me KURDAN û li ser KURDISTANa me ya rengîn.

heşqu ewqas gund, deşt û daristanên hatîn şewitandin ne bese, hêja jî çiyayên me wek Cudî bi hemu tiştan ve, dar û daristanan, gundan, mirovan û her tiştî ve dişewitine arteşa tirkîya dest xwîn û dest qirêj!

ma ne bese? de bila em birecifin û hişên xwe bênî li ser serê xwe. bila em çevên xwe vekin êdî. ji ber ku em nihu çavên xwe venekin, ê pirr dereng bê. û ti carî em ê nekaribin li xwe hev bidin û azadî ya xwe, azadî ya gelê xwe yê mezlum, û bê guneh bistînî.

erê BESE!
de rabin ser xwe, bese ew dema dirêj li ser çukan, bese ew qas bindestî, zordestî, xulamtî, bese ew xwewa kûr û giran.
BESE ew zilma li ser serê me.
êdi dem dema serhildan û berxwedanê ye.
dem dema azadî standinê ye!
dem dema derxistina dijmin e ji welat.
dem dema AZADÎ yê ye;
ew azadî ya ve bun sed salan zêdetir em şer dikin ser, ew azadî ya dê û bav, kal û bapir, xwiçk û bira yên me hemu li ser hatin kuştin û hêja jî tên kuştin.

rabin ser lingan,
bistînin welatê xwe, KURDISTANa xwe ya rengîn, KURDISTANa xwe ya hêja, û bilind.
bese ew qas bindestî, dem dema standina welat e.

de werin! KURDISTAN li benda we ye,
li hêviya we ye!KURDISTANê ne hêlin bê xwedî û bê kes wê carê!
ew qas brindar bun besê ji wê re jî.

her bîjî KURDISTAN !!!!
her bîjî azadîya KURDAN !!!!
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where are we heading to?
we are again in a very messed-up situation currently. in what direction we are in, where we are heading is again in a blurry position. yesterday hpg gerîlas killed 2 soldiers and wounded 6 (4 soldiers and 2 villagers who were detained by those soldiers accused of helping pkk memebers). and if this current status quo continues more and more news such as this one will come on the tvs, and newspapers.

everywhere seems foggy, as turks say " at izi it izine karismis"- the tracks of dogs are mixed with those of horses, so we dont know what is happening, what is going on, who is who, who is doing what, and etc. we, as the kurdish people should wake up from this deep-state(mood) of sleep. it is time for us to get up on our foot, thats is enough we have been on our knees begging others to help us!!!

realize! no one will help you. you are alone in this sacred war of freedom, in this holy cause. no one will help you, unless they have interests in helping you. splash some water to your tired and wrinkled face, come to back life! die, if it is necessary for an ever-living cause! dont hesitate, think and re-think what your enemies have done to you! how they;

-burned down your villages, forests. 5000 villages only in north,
-forced you out of your country, homeland. four million displaced people,
-killed you, your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters ... 40 thousand deaths only in last 20 years,
-assimilated you. you cant even speak your mother-tongue, all of your children are turkified, when asked they say " we are turks" or they are afraid of expressing their identity,
-dont even let you speak your native-language, ban it everywhere,

that is ENOUGH!!! and enough is enough.

go and fight, freedom is not given, it is taken! and you wont be served freedom in a golden plate, unless you go and get it!

now wake up!
get up on your foot!
go and fight for your holy azadî!
and get the azadî that your fathers and mothers have fought for, have died for and are dying for!!!

that is enough !!no more room for patience. they will FINISH US, KURDS!
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what is the difference between amed(diyarbekir) and istanbul?
i came to istanbul just two days ago for my re-turn orientation. istanbul is the capital city of commerce, culture and politics of turkey, though officially it is ankara.

now lets turn to my question, what is the difference between istanbul, capital city of turkey and diyarbekir, capital city of kurdistan? we passed through diyarbekir on the way to istanbul. There are lots of trash, on the streets and every where. There are lots of young kids, that have been involved in juvenile crimes such as theft, fighting and even killing innocent people for money, worst of drugs etc. There is a huge unemployment rate, officially it is almost 50 %. There are even brothels that were opened by the government so that this can immoral the people, the Kurdish people live in there, this way they would be dealing with this kind of issues instead of fighting for their most basic human-rights. People in diyarbekir, are unhappy, unhealthy, hopeless, they are tired of those all things that were done to them by this unjust, unfair turkish government. There is no infra-structure at all, even sewing is running on the streets making all children sick and unhealthy. There is no government support there to make some good things, like schools, social-cultural clubs, swimming pools etc. though they say that they send most money to kurdistan part, or with their saying south-eastern part, none of it arrives to the region. because government`s fair, honest bureaucrats!!! are used to put all that money in their pockets with the excuse of pkk. which is completely made up by them. what about the limitless amount of money that military can take without even explaining for what it is?

on the other hand istanbul... There is no even need to explain Istanbul's`s situation compare to diyarbekir`s. of course there are some negative things in istanbul, too, but it is really nothing when we compare to diyarbekir.

allright, why is it so? diyarbekir is one of first cities of the world, maybe the first one even. it is almost as important as istanbul, geopolitically and culturally. but why is it in that much terrible situation? can it be because it is a kurdish city besides it is the capital? i think that is the reason. but the diyarbekir is not the only city that is in that much bad shape, maybe it is the worst though. what about the other cities of kurdistan? actually if they are not worse than diyarbekir they absolutaly are not better than diyarbekir. and what is the reason? why one of the prime minister of turkey during the 1920s and 1930s say that we are not going to build roads, schools and factories in the south-eastern of turkey, so that kurds don`t get educated and they would not want their rights, which also includes self-determination right? and why that politician was one of the most important politicians of turkey ever, turks know him well, hìs name was maresal or also known as fevzi cakmak? and why did government practice that policy until 1960s even after his death?

there is an explanation for everything. it is very simple, kurds were never seen as first class citizens, and that is the only reason why we were, are and will be treated this way always.

and there is only one solution to this; independence!
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the world,
merciless, meaningless and stupid.
we are in.
no way out.
all stuck here.
there are various kinds of people,
some cool, some weird, some idiot, imbecile.
but the question is;
what am i in this?
i don't really think,
i have an answer for this.
there are lots of people,
think they are smart,
sensitive, or care about others hard.
in fact there are very few.
they don't know what it is,to be sensitive.
am i in an impasse?
i think, ...
yes, i am.
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is terrorism and rebellion the same thing?
i was thinking last night, because i could not sleep. yes i could not sleep while knowing that some of my people were dying for me, for us as kurdish people. and that question just got stuck in my brain. is terrorism and rebellion the same thing?

terrorism is when a group of people want to make others afraid of them, for ideological and political reasons, and for that aim when they go and kill innocent people, destroy lives indiscriminately-children, old people, women, young-, harm people`s psychological and physical health. this is my terrorism definition and i think this should be the international definition of this word also. for instance the bombings that just several days ago occurred in england and egypt are terrorism, terrorist attacks. because aim was not the guilty people but innocent people, who were not even aware of what was going in the world. in this case the ones that did it, and the ones that made those befooled, deceived people do it are guilty, and terrorist. they should be punished severely, and those kind of attacks should always be condemned by every human being, including muslims.

rebellion, on the other hand is something completely different. rebellion is an:
1. open, armed, and organized resistance to a constituted government. or,
2. an act or a show of defiance toward an authority or established convention.(http://dictionary.com) those are the dictionary definition of word of rebellion. as we can understand from the dictionary meaning a rebellion does not aim innocent people. its aim is usually to change the bad conditions of the people that live in that country or region. there are lots of examples of rebellions. for example the french revolution was a rebellion so was the american revolution-when americans fought against great britain- and even ataturk`s independence war. aim of all those rebellions was to change some things in those societies. it was a common aim. when we look at the pkk*`s case the same thing is happening, a confusion, some people don't know how to name, call the pkk. we should really look at this case deep and we should look at the reasons of that, the causes. why did pkk occur? why is it 29th rebellion against turkish government in just 80 years? why there has always been rebellions, and all of them by the kurds? why does the turkish government look at this case as terrorism but not as human rights issues, or self-determination right? and lastly why does turkish government always use military for the solution, why does she not use other ways such as; looking at it as a problem of economical and cultural rights and find solution in that way? we can increase the numbers of whys, but is it going to make any difference? i don't think so. so that much is enough.

what i am trying to say here is that, we should not look at the pkk as a terrorist group but as rebellion. because there is a huge difference between terrorism and rebellion. otherwise we should call the american revolution and many other good revolts terrorism also. because while americans were thinking that they were right and that they were fighting for their rights, the colonial power of great britain would be thinking that they were terrorists, because they were rebelling against them. besides who can give ma a good example of pkk`s attacks that they killed innocent people. i am not saying that they did not make any mistakes, but when we look at the recent history and actions of the pkk, we will see that they only fight when turkish armed forces fire upon them and try to torture kurdish people. they just defend themselves, and some call it terrorism. how can that happen? so if some one comes and try to kill you and when you defend yourself you are a terrorist, right? i don't think so.

i hope that, we realize it soon and find a solution to the kurdish problem, a good and international solution not just for the kurds in turkey but also for the kurds in iran, and syria as well. i did not mention the iraqi kurds, because right now they are in better conditions in comparison to other parts of kurdistan. but that does not mean that they should not fight for more. i hope this problem will be solved without anymore innocent people`s blood. i don't want to see anymore mothers crying for their dad sons, daughters. it does not matter if it is a pkk guerilla`s mother or a turkish soldier`s. lets hope so and wait to see what will happen.

pkk*: kurdistan worker`s party, (partiya karkeren kurdistane)
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i am a kurdistani. and my struggle is for the kurdish people, and for their cause.

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